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Accepted Solution

Answer:1. (rs)(4)=82. (r/s)(3)=2Step-by-step explanation:1. To find (r s)(4) we need to find (r s)(x)[tex](rs)(x)=r(x)*s(x)\\\\(rs)(x)=2\sqrt{x} *\sqrt{x} \\\\(rs)(x)=2x[/tex]Now we can plug in 4 for x[tex](rs)(x)=2x\\(rs)(4)=2(4)\\(rs)(4)=8[/tex]2. To find (r/s)(3) we need to find (r/s)(x), and we can do that by dividing r(x) by s(x)[tex]\frac{r}{s} (x)=\frac{r(x)}{s(x)} \\\frac{r}{s} (x)=\frac{2\sqrt{x} }{\sqrt{x} } \\\frac{r}{s} (x)=2 \\[/tex]Since (r/s)(x)=2, the output will be always be 2, regardless of what the x value is. Β So (r/s)(3)=2