A researcher measures IQ and weight for a group of college students. What kind of correlation is likely to be obtained for these two variables?a) a positive correlationb) a negative correlationc) a correlation near zero*d) a correlation near one

Accepted Solution

Answer:Option bStep-by-step explanation:Given that a  researcher measures IQ and weight for a group of college students.In general, we think that the weight has nothing to do with IQ of a person and hence not correlated.But if we go deep, we find that after a certain weight, the person becomes lazy and inactive with a chance to have reduced IQWeight gain causes also health problems including less activity of both brain and body and hence there is a chance for less IQSo we find that as weight increases iq decreases and when weight decreases, IQ increases.Thus we can say that there is a negative correlation but not necessarily near to one.Hence option b is right